Jan 31, 2019 | General

Vera smiling

Dear Palm Garden Family,

I want you to meet Vera, a woman who calls Palm Garden home.

Kala Fuhrmann, our Executive Director at Palm Garden of Gainesville explains: “One evening we were all at dinner and Vera told our fantastic CNA, Jamika Tuggerson, that she would like to have eyelashes just like hers. Jamika called me over, and Vera told us what she would do if she had eyelashes and who she would bat her eyes at if she had them. We had such a great time talking to her! Laughter was infectious and soon everyone in the dining room was smiling and laughing. I told Vera if she wanted eyelashes, we would get them for her!”

Jamika knew just what kind of eyelashes would work for her and she was on a mission! She went right out and purchased them.

Jamika and her team member Daesha Robinson put fancy eyelashes on Vera last night. They didn’t stop there. Vera wanted makeup too! She was smiling ear to ear.

Kala shared “when I took her picture, she said, “that doesn’t even look like me!” Everyone was telling her how amazing she looked, which made her smile all the more. It warms my heart to know that something so simple can brighten someone’s day….”

Have words more true been spoken? “Something so simple can really brighten someone’s day.”

Look at that picture. What words would you use to describe her? When I saw it “dignity” popped into my brain. Perfect hair. Perfect smile. Perfect eyes and yes fabulous eyelashes.

Four more words: Unique. Different. Special. Elite.

We are just so proud of our Palm Garden Family!

Kind regards,

Luke Neumann
Vice President of Service
And Relationship Development