A Beautiful Gift

Nov 30, 2018 | General

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I noticed a couple (probably in their mid-eighties) smiling at each other as they sat together. The husband is in a chair sitting very close to his wife who is in a wheelchair. Holding hands watching the hustle and bustle happenings around the nursing station. They were sitting there as if they were on their front porch. They exchanged smiles, and laughter along with endearing looks to each other.

Being together made them both smile and it was obvious to all that walked by them. I walked over and asked why they smiled so much. The wife said, “our life together has been nothing but a laugh festival.” Then they told me about their Alaska Cruise. They walked around with a Sylvester and Tweetie Bird costume. Those on the ship thought they were a part of the entertainment. People would stop them for photos and kids wanted to take pictures with them. They looked at each other and said they were in hundreds of pictures with kids, young people, old people, and even the crew. “We wore those costumes a few hours every day on the cruise. We were seen all over the ship and in crazy places.” While they were sharing their story, they just smiled and looked at each other. They told me a few other stories that I dare not repeat, but they were more hilarious than the Sylvester and Tweetie Bird caper.

In the midst of the laughter and few stories, the husband’s eyes watered, he took his wife by the hand and said, “I am thankful to have been sharing my life with you (and he kissed her hands).” She said nothing with her words, but her eyes softened as she focused only on him, and her eyes said I love you a thousand times. Feeling awkward because of the intensity of the moment, I left them alone.

No wonder they have been happy all these years, he never stopped thanking her for being his wife and she never stops thanking him for being her husband. Now, that is a beautiful gift.

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– From the desk of Chaplain Bobby